Rare PS4 Pro bundle with a free copy of Ghost of Tsushima or The Last of Us Part 2 has appeared

Rare PS4 Pro bundle with a free copy of Ghost of Tsushima or The Last of Us Part 2 has appeared
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Sound the deals alarm, a rare PS4 Pro bundle with a free copy of Ghost of Tsushima OR The Last of Us Part 2 has appeared. This is quite unusual given there's been very little stock of the PlayStation 4 recently. So, basically giving away a brand-new, highly-rated game with the console at no extra cost? Baffling. But hey, let's not look a gift-horse in the mouth.

Because you're getting Ghost for free, the whole PS4 Pro bundle will cost you £349 at Currys. Alternatively, you can swap out Ghost for The Last of Us Part 2 at £349 from the same retailer.

This isn't the only PS4 bundle on offer, but it's comfortably the best one. For example, Very has the Pro console and Death Stranding for just £349.99. It's a quid more, but you are getting the much-talked-about Kojima game for a single pound (it'd normally retail for almost £50 - still).

More PS4 bundles at Currys are also available, and you can take a look by clicking right here. Alternatively, you can build a PS4 Slim bundle for £249 at the same site.

PS4 Pro bundles

PS4 Pro + Ghost of Tsushima | £400

PS4 Pro + Ghost of Tsushima | £400 £349 at Currys
A PS4 Pro console with the recently-released Ghost of Tsushima would set you back almost £400, so getting a brand-new, PS4-exclusive game with it for free? That's an absolute bargain, especially because the game itself has received lots of critical acclaim.

PS4 Pro + The Last of Us Part 2 | £400

PS4 Pro + The Last of Us Part 2 | £400 £349 at Currys
The Last of Us Part 2 was one of the most anticipated sequels of the last few years, so being able to experience it for free with your new PS4 Pro? Magic. Definitely worth your money and your time. And your tears, no  doubt - this one's every bit as emotional as the original Last of Us.

PS4 Pro + Death Stranding | £400

PS4 Pro + Death Stranding | £400 £349.99 at Very
Death Stranding is a bit older, but it was no less anticipated. The first game from Hideo Kojima after he left Konami and the Metal Gear franchise, this is the perfect example of what makes his projects so special. This one also stars many famous faces, including Norman Reedus in the lead role.

More PS4 bundles: See the full range at Currys

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