Rare opens Sea of Thieves Pirate Academy for new players to find their sea legs

Sea of Thieves Emissaries
(Image credit: Rare)

Sea of Thieves isn't the kind of game you want to dive blindly into, especially in 2020 when so much content has been added, so Rare has opened the Pirate Academy to help beginners learn from the most seasoned seafarers.

The Pirate Academy is a collection of lessons designed to help new sailors find their sea legs, from picking out a pirate and embarking on your maiden voyage to finding a crew and turning in loot. I remember it taking quite a while before I could remember which merchants take which type of treasure, so this is useful stuff even it's not your first time playing. There are also lessons for navigating outposts, sailing a ship, and "Life and Death."

"We're proud to introduce you to this library of lessons from residents of the Sea of Thieves, helping you learn how to do everything from starting your very first Voyage to making your mark in a world of riches, rival crews and rampaging sea beasts," reads the official description.

In the two years since launch, Sea of Thieves has added a massive amount of content, and it can be genuinely hard to keep up - it's why the September update added Mysterious Notes to your quest radial that keep you in the know. It's also one of the reasons we have our own extensive list of Sea of Thieves tips that both new and experienced players should check out.

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