Show a yacht who's boss in Rainbow Six Siege's first DLC update

Two new operators and a map join the Rainbow Six Siege rotation today, though seasoned players will probably be more excited by the new features and tweaks coming with them. Season Pass owners get to play as Canadian Joint Task Force 2 specialists Frost and Buck right now, and everybody else can join them next week.

Frost is a Defender with a special mechanical leg trap perfect for evading electronics sweeps and pinning enemy operatives. Buck is an attacker with an underslung shotgun attachment on his assault rifle, letting him move from mid-range to close-range engagements instantly. Season pass owners get them free right now, while everybody else can unlock them with in-game Renown or microtransaction R6 Credits starting February 9.

Frost and Buck arrive pre-bundled-up for the new Yacht map, which takes place on a boat stranded by ice in the Baffin Bay. Check it out:

Operation Black Ice also brings some of the most substantial gameplay updates since Rainbow Six Siege came out back in December. First off is Spectator Mode, which lets an 11th player join custom matches with a suite of special options, including a tactical overhead view. Attackers will now be able to pick individual spawn points in Ranked Mode, instead of voting on one for the whole team, and Defenders will be forced to use new objective points instead of sticking to the same winning strategy over and over. Check out the rest of the tweaks on the official site.

This first DLC "season" was originally supposed to come out in January, but Ubisoft still plans to release its second pack in April.

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