Rainbow Six Siege's Black Ice DLC delayed into February

More than a good plan, an effective assault requires speed and decisiveness. Unfortunately for Rainbow Six: Siege, Ubisoft doesn't quite have that "violence of action" concept down yet - the multiplayer shooter's first post-launch DLC has been pushed back to February.

Initially planned for release in January, Operation Black Ice will now be made available to Rainbow Six: Siege Season Pass owners on February 2. This season pass works differently from most games: owners get various boosts and a week of early access to all of the game's new "operators," but maps are immediately free for everyone.

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Operation Black Ice will add two operators from a new Counter-Terrorism Unit to the game, each of whom bring new weapons and gadgets, as well as a new map, several new weapon skins, and unspecified "gameplay upgrades."

Ubisoft plans to put out four such packs over the course of 2016. Rainbow Six: Siege came out in early December after dealing with some late-breaking technical issues. Taken together with holiday breaks, it's understandable the the game's first big post-launch update will need a little more time than expected. I just hope Ubisoft can get its breaches all cleared up in time for the second "season" of DLC in April.

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