Rainbow Six Parasite leaks yet again, this time with gunplay

Rainbow Six
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More footage of Rainbow Six Parasite, the placeholder title for what was once Rainbow Six Quarantine, has leaked online, showing an extraction mission starring the operative Ela.

As our friends at PC Gamer spotted, YouTuber DBL Online uploaded the short clip after Twitter user SkyLeaks posted the file online. The video is still live at the time of writing, but the previous Parasite leak was quickly taken down via DMCA order, and it's probable this one will be too. Watch it while you can. 

This clip is much shorter than the one-hour alpha test leak that surfaced a few weeks ago, but if anything it tells us more about Rainbow Six Parasite actually plays. It stars the operative Ela, who's fighting her way through a hive of aliens in order to rescue downed allies. She has to move each person to an extraction point manually, and she can only use her backup pistol while carrying them. The loadout in this video also includes a stun grenade, body armor, and a full-auto rifle as the main weapon.

The place is crawling with a variety of creatures spawned from the titular parasites, from hard-headed enemies that ram into you to melee-type dudes with flaming hands. There are plenty of other things to shoot, too, including bulbous weak spots all over the walls and even the black goop on the floor itself. This goop seems to slow you down, but you can get rid of it with a few shots. Together with the limitations on moving downed allies, this adds some strategy to extraction, forcing you to clear rooms and obstacles to create a safe path to extraction points. 

As short and censored as it is, this short leak does offer a pretty good overview of an average Rainbow Six Parasite mission, and it looks fairly promising. Here's hoping the next batch of official information comes sooner rather than later.

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