Raid Over the River screens

Thursday 15 June 2006
It's been barely a day since we reported the first details on Nibris' Raid Over the River and now a handful of screenshots have popped up. You can raid the shots for yourself by clicking the images tab at the top of this page.

Raid Over the River is a vertical-scrolling shooter that features six stages from different time zones, each with multiple missions and its own attack craft - ancient Greece, WWII Europe, Cold War Soviet Russia, the present-day United States, Germany of 2018 and a futuristic Japan.

Above: Take a look at the right-hand shot - that's no fighter jet, it's a dragon. Curious...

It'll feature a dodge system composed of barrel rolls and nose dives that'll allow you to avoid enemy fire more nimbly than just scooting around the screen. Some missions will require the bombing of ground targets as well as air-to-air battling, plus the DS's microphone will allow you to launch your special attacks without having to lift or shift a finger.

There are two other details we'd like to know more about, though. First is that there's going to be fuel and ammo management that requires the defence of certain bases. Second, there's a multiplayer mode known as 'Raid Over the Galaxy', which, we hope, turns out to be as interesting as it sounds.