Quantum of Solace reviews round-up

We weren't the only hard-working journalists up all night writing their impressions on Quantum of Solace. A few other viewers burned some midnight oil as well.

Here's a round-up of the impressions so far. Looks like opinion is mixed, but most seem to agree that it doesn't quite live up to Casino Royale.

And if by some miracle you haven't already, take a look at our review too .

The Times – 4/5
“There are hand-to-hand fights that make your eyes water and old-school stunts involving motorbikes, speedboats, jet fighters and expensive cars that give you whiplash just looking at them.”

The Independent – 3/5
“Quantum Of Solace doesn’t seem like a major entry in the Bond canon. Well under two hours long, it’s shorter and more frenetic than most of its predecessors, and an often-jolting experience to watch.”

The Guardian - 3/5
“I was disappointed there was so little dialogue, flirtation and characterisation in this Bond: Forster and his writers Paul Haggis, Neal Purvis and Robert Wade clearly thought this sort of sissy nonsense has to be cut out in favour of explosions.”

Daily Mail – 2/5
“The script makes such huge leaps of geography and motivation that whole scenes of exposition must have been left on the cuttingroom floor. The resulting film is as meaningless as its title.”

Daily Express - 2/5
"Quantum of Solace barely feels like a Bond movie, what with all the staple elements of the franchise stripped bare in an effort to make an even more “realistic” adventure."

BBC – No Rating
“Clocking in at one and three-quarter hours, it's a good half hour shorter than 007's previous outing. And its reduced running time results in a leaner, tauter experience.”

The Telegraph – No Rating
“So, if Quantum of Solace lacks Casino Royale's narrative drive, and is less than the sum of its parts, those parts are often terrific.”

The Mirror – No Rating
“Quantum of Solace is a leaner, meaner animal, rammed with shoot-outs, a boat chase and even an aerial dogfight. And our hero is an angry, embittered man out for blood.”

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