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Watch Quantum Break's live-action/gameplay hybrid trailer

Remedy games are at their best when they're scathingly self-aware, and the latest trailer for Quantum Break (opens in new tab) has me hopeful that it will continue that grand tradition. The video starts off with scenes from the game's live-action component, steadily transitioning to footage of the game's shooting and time powers in action. No Nirvana this time (opens in new tab), though.

"No matter what I do, you and I… we always end up here," antagonist Paul Serene tells our hero Jack Joyce in the trailer, "No matter what I do, time ends." And what are most action video games if not trying and failing the same few moments over and over until you discover the one thing you need to do differently? Good thing Paul hasn't realized it yet.

It's a little more subtle than Max Payne's "I was in a computer game" moment (opens in new tab), or even Alan Wake's literary revelations, but I'm hoping Remedy has some more perspective-twisting surprises in store for Quantum Break. We'll find out when the game is released on Xbox One and PC on April 5.

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Connor Sheridan
Connor Sheridan

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