Quad amputee Warzone assassin is the star of the latest Totally Game

Jackson Reece hasn't let a motorcycle accident and losing his lower limbs and hands to sepsis affect his ability to game. 

Thanks to special equipment that allows him to play games with his mouth, '‘PitbullReece’, the name he streams under online, has become a Call of Duty: Warzone assassin, streaming his matches online. 

The North Carolina-based gamer tells Totally Game: "I feel like I'm better than a lot of players that do play with their hands. Some call it a competitive edge, the way I can move and everything. But you've got all your fingers, so who’s the better player?

“I’ve got over 5,000 kills in Warzone and 140 wins. 16 kills is my highest for one Warzone game.” 

Those incredible stats would be impressive for any player, but it's doubly so when you consider what Jackson has been through. In 2007, he was paralysed from the waist down in a motorcycle accident and then, in 2017, he contracted sepsis. Jackson says: "I lost all my limbs to Sepsis. My hands were my life. I felt like without my hands I wouldn't be able to get around or do anything."

With the help of his family, Jackson pulled through, and now uses a 'quad stick' that enables him to play games using his mouth. Unsuspecting players have even been caught unaware by just how good the streamer is. Jackson explains to Totally Game: "I’ve had a few people that come into my chat after I’ve killed them who try to smack talk with me. I’m like ‘dude, I just smacked you around with no hands and you come into my chat, to smack talk with me?’

"When you try the best, you get smacked by the best."

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Ben Tyrer

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