Punch holes in Spectrobes

Disney's Spectrobes game for DS will bring together the worlds of Pokemon-style collect-'em-all gameplay and Panini sticker-esque trade-'em-all fervor in a heady mix of addiction when it launches on March 16th. Each game pack will include four lenticular cards, which will unlock special bits and pieces in the game, and more will be available after the game's release so Spectrobes fans can play swapsies.

The four cards work by laying them over the DS touch-screen. There's a series of holes in each card and, by tapping through them to the screen beneath in the right order, you'll unlock special creatures and minerals. See the screen below for an example.

With the ability to earn your own Spectrobes patrol badge for display on the official website, downloadable creatures and minerals, and wireless multiplayer battles, in addition to the card-trading, Spectrobes looks sure to enthrall hoarders and obsessive gamers alike. We'll be dealing out a review in the next few weeks.

January 29, 2007