PSVR showcases 6 new games with skiing action, frozen zombies, and more

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We're still waiting to learn more about the PSVR PS5 version, but we just got a half dozen new games to look forward to for the one we already have.

The PlayStation Blog just finished with a day-long PSVR Spotlight, showcasing six games headed to Sony's virtual reality headsets with new trailers and posts from the developers themselves. We already got a look at one of the titles with Doom 3 VR Edition coming to PSVR later this month, but here's everything Sony announced in the showcase.

Doom 3: VR Edition

Release date: March 29

Before we ripped and tore in the new Doom games, we RIP'ed in terror in Doom 3 - and now the horror is even more inescapable in VR. Doom 3 VR Edition is a full conversion of the original game and its two expansions to VR, making use of the Aim controller for more natural weapons handling (and yes, they do have attached flashlights now) while adding in some handy new features like 180 degree quick turns to give you slightly better chances.

Song in the Smoke

Release date: 2021

This in-depth survival game from the studio behind Galak-Z makes every aspect of preserving your life for one more night tactile: break branches, strike rocks together to start a fire, pull back the bowstring and aim for your quarry's heart. While mundane concerns may keep you occupied, strange mysteries will always lurk on the edges of your camp and in the wilderness beyond - just make sure you're ready before you go chasing monsters.


Release date: Summer 2021

The developers of Phantom: Covert Ops - one of the top picks on our list of the best VR games - are back with a new take on VR action. They could have traded the kayak out for skis and called it a day, but instead they're aiming to make a totally uncompromised action game that will make you feel like John McClane. You'll move from grabbing on to cover in combat to charging through a remote mountain fracking facility, and you can enjoy improved framerates, resolution, and loading times if you play on PS5.

I Expect You to Die 2: The Spy and the Liar

Release date: 2021

Your telekinetic secret agent returns to the world of spy fiction in I Expect You to Die 2, featuring new deathtrap puzzles to escape and mysteries to unravel across all-new environments. Grab whatever you can to make your escape, and piece together the plans of the nefarious Zoraxis organization.


Release date: 2021

An anime-inspired MMORPG with action combat, all set in a sprawling world that you can climb up and glide across at your leisure? Zenith sounds incredibly ambitious, but developer Ramen VR seems to have a clear vision it's working toward. It's the result of a successful 2019 Kickstarter that's finally bearing fruit, with a closed alpha now officially on the way.

After the Fall

Release date: Summer 2021

The next game from the creators of Arizona Sunshine pushes zombie shooting back to 1984… then freezes it over for 20 years and sends you out to pick over the icy wastes. You'll team up with friends, randos, or AI-powered allies on co-op shooting missions, powered by both traditional weaponry and stranger fare like a cassette plate missile launcher. Full cross-platform multiplayer support is planned, which should make it easier to find a party.

Hopefully some of these titles end up easy picks for our guide to the best PSVR games.

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