Doom 3 VR Edition coming to PSVR later this month

Doom 3 VR Edition
(Image credit: Bethesda)

Doom 3 VR Edition is coming to the PSVR system later this month on March 29.

As you can see below, Doom 3 VR Edition was revealed today through Sony's PSVR Spotlight event. From March 29, you'll be able to experience Doom 3 through the PSVR on PS4, and through backwards compatibility on PS5

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This is just the first in a slate of announcement set to arrive today for the PSVR headset. As of today on March 3, the PSVR Spotlight has officially returned over on the PlayStation Blog, as Sony gets set to reveal a brand new lineup of games for their reality headset.

From now until the end of the day, you can tune into the PlayStation Blog every half an hour to see a brand new reveal surrounding the PSVR headset. All in all, there'll be six new announcements for Sony's VR headset.

Just last week, Sony announced that a PS5 PSVR headset was officially in development. Right now, Sony isn't sharing too many details surrounding the forthcoming headset, and the only release window we have to go on for the upgraded VR headset is sometime after this year in 2022. Still, it's a big relief for VR fans to know that Sony is working on a next-gen headset for their next-gen console.

For our list of all the best virtual reality games you need to experience with Sony's current headset, head over to our best PSVR games guide for more.

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