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PSVR 2 will reportedly aim for 'hybrid' games like Resident Evil 7 and Hitman 3

Resident Evil 7
(Image credit: Capcom)

PlayStation is planning to push VR hybrid games rather than exclusive experiences for its PSVR PS5 headset, according to details reportedly shared from a recent developer summit.

The information about the Sony summit was first shared by YouTube channel PSVR Without Parole (opens in new tab), and UploadVR (opens in new tab) independently verified that the meeting happened earlier this week. The details from the summit also offered our first in-depth look at specs for the next-generation headset and its controller, as well as hinting at an early 2022 reveal for key information including a price and release date.

According to PSVR Without Parole, one of the points Sony raised at the summit was that it wants "to move away from VR experiences and focus on console-quality AAA titles." It aims to do this by pushing for hybrid games that are fully playable both in a VR headset and on a standard flat display. Sony reportedly plans to let players download either the VR version of the flat version of such games, or presumably both if you want to try it both ways.

Some examples of this approach that already exist on the original PSVR are Resident Evil 7, Hitman 3, and No Man's Sky, all of which are playable both in VR or as normal on your TV. It sounds like these kinds of games will be favored over titles like Astro Bot Rescue Mission or Blood and Truth, which are exclusive to PSVR specifically.

Speaking of original PSVR games, Sony reportedly did not address backwards compatibility specifically, though it did mention "there will be a big push toward remastering PSVR 1 games for the new headset."

Here's hoping the cream of the crop from our list of the best PSVR games makes the leap to next-gen.

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