PSVR PS5 leaked details sound impressive and point to early 2022 reveal

(Image credit: Sony)

A bunch of new PSVR PS5 details have seemingly leaked after a recent Sony developer summit, and they paint an impressive picture.

The details were shared by YouTube channel PSVR Without Parole, citing "a huge closed-door summit for potential PSVR2 developers" earlier this week which UploadVR says it also confirmed via its own sources. First, the bad news: the leaked info doesn't include a price or release date, but it does indicate Sony's planning to roll out all the key launch details in early 2022.

According to the leak, the headset - which is currently being referred to as Next-Gen VR or NGVR - will use Fresnel OLED screens with 2000 x 2042 resolution for each eye. That's a fancy way to say it will provide a true 4K HDR virtual reality experience. A 110 degree field of view would provide 10 more degrees of all-encompassing image than the original PSVR, and 20 degrees more than Oculus Quest 2.

Without getting too far into the technical weeds, the combined techniques of flexible scaling and foveated rendering means NGVR will be better than ever at directing graphics processing power right where you're looking, helping to reduce the typical fidelity gap between standard flat-screen games and VR games. Haptic feedback (yes, for your head) will also be supported via a rumbling rotary motor. 

The controllers have equally big new features planned, with adaptive triggers and capacitive touch sensors which can detect how far your thumb, index, and middle fingers are from the grip - and this time a pair will be included with each headset.

Lastly, while the leak doesn't include info on any new games specifically, Sony is reportedly planning to "move away from VR experiences" by focusing on AAA-quality, flat-screen/VR hybrid games. These games will reportedly let you download and install just one version or the other, depending on what you want to play, with Sony apparently making a "big push" to remaster original PSVR games for PS5 and the new headset.

Hopefully those remastered titles include many of our favorites from our guide to the best PSVR games. 

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