PSP makes a comeback

In a surprising turn of events, the PSP has beaten off the Wii and PS3, selling more than both consoles in Japan last week. The latest weekly sales figures for Japan reveal that Sony's portable placed second in the hardware sales chart for the week ending 25 February, with unit sales of 96,750.

This falls short only of the still storming DS, which sold 146,250 units according to figures However the PSP beat even the mighty, mightyDS in the software sales chart in the same period, selling 808,750 games compared with 618,250 for the DS.

Above: PSP's back!

The surge could be put down to the recent release of Capcom's Monster Hunter Freedom 2, a co-op-enabled monster catching/battling game, which topped the software charts with a colossal 755,500 copies sold. Second down was Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Matsuri, with 90,500 sales.

Could this be the start of the revival of PSP?

March 1, 2007