PSA: You can explore Pokemon Legends Arceus in first-person

Pokemon Legends Arceus
(Image credit: The Pokemon Company)

If you're playing Pokemon Legends Arceus this weekend, be sure to try out this neat little camera trick for some added immersion while you're exploring the world.

As flagged by TAHK0 on Twitter, there's a way you can zoom the camera into a first-person perspective in Pokemon Legends Arceus, but you can't catch Pokemon or really do anything beyond just explore the world until you switch back to the standard third-person viewpoint. Regardless, if you prefer first-person modes, it might be a preferable way to travel Pokemon Legends Arceus' expansive open world in-between more demanding gameplay sequences.

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All you need to do to roam around Pokemon Legends Arceus in first-person is hold down the left trigger button, which apparently was designed as a focus/zoom feature but clearly has multiple purposes. It's an especially handy feature in this particular Pokemon game because it's set in such a vast, explorable open world compared to other more linear entries in the series.

Pokemon Legends Arceus just launched today, and it's getting mostly positive reviews from critics and players alike. GamesRadar's 4.5/5-star review remarks that, despite some frustrating performance issues and lackluster textures, Pokemon Legends Arceus is "a must-play game for any would-be trainers who prefer to spend their time appreciating Pokemon rather than putting them to battle." The realistic world, exceptional storytelling, and experimental gameplay features in particular stood out to GR's Sam Loveridge.

In case you're thinking of picking up the game soon, be sure to check out our guide to the best Pokemon Legends Arceus starter before making your pick.

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