PSA: Diablo 4 lets you disable your character's annoying 'out of mana' bark

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Diablo 4 players are celebrating after learning you can switch off your character's incessant reminders that you're out of mana/fury/energy/spirit/essence.

If you've played Diablo 4 for any length of time, you've probably been told you've run out of whatever resource your character uses in fights. Personally, the sound of my Necromancer telling me I'm "out of essence" just blends in with the cacophony of scythe swings, corpse explosions, and demon death cries, but apparently other Diablo 4 players find the reminders a lot more irritating.

A Redditor was kind enough to alert those unaware that you can simply disable these voice lines in the in-game options menu. I checked to confirm, and if you scroll all the way to the bottom of the Sound tab there's a setting called "play audio on error," and it's automatically set to "on." However, if you turn it off completely you'll stop hearing any sounds when using skills with an empty resource tank, and if you set it to "simple" you'll just hear a little error sound instead of the dialogue.

PSA: You can disable the annoying "I need mana" voicelines from r/diablo4

To some folks, this little revelation is a game-changer.

"I'm literally ugly (but happy) crying I'm so relieved to know this," one Redditor replied. "Thank you many times over, kind soul. Thank you!"

"Holy thanks. thats good to know," another said.

Another grateful player said they "HUGE needed this" and said the reminders were "killing" them.

It's no surprise a lot of people are just now finding out about this handy option, but I definitely wasn't expecting such an intensely celebratory reaction. I mean, am I the only one completely desensitized to monotonous error dialogue, particularly in fast-paced hack-and-slash games? Apparently so.

Blizzard has its own reminder for Diablo 4 players: the Ashava trophy mount was exclusive to the May beta and you can't get it anymore.

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