PS5 size comparisons round-up: "Very big"

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Last week's PS5 reveal got everybody talking. The game reveals were aplenty, and we finally got a look at what the dang thing actually looks like. As one would expect, reactions to the console design range from enamored to disgusted, but a few days later we're reaching a unanimous conclusion: it's probably going to be very big.

By looking at the disk drives and USB ports and scaling them to the dimensions of other consoles, people are giving us an approximate idea of how the size of the PS5 compares to other modern consoles, namely the PS4, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X. Some are probably more accurate than others, and of course nothing is for certain until we get our hands on the hardware, but here's a handy little round-up of the most buzzed-about PS5 size comparisons.

"Probably not 100% accurate"

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Starting with the one that most recently made the rounds, this confirmed 3D render makes the PS5 look, frankly, silly. It's an absolute unit. Thankfully, it's probably not quite as massive as the image suggests - you can tell the proportions aren't quite right because the Switch Lite looks too big next to the Xbox Series X. Plus, the person who made the image has admitted "it's probably not 100% accurate." The kind-of shocking thing though, is that it's probably not terribly far off either. As you'll see below, the size of the PS5 here looks only slightly exaggerated compared to other renders. 

Still huge

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This professional-looking comparison comes from HDTVtest's Adam Fairclough (via Polygon), who seems fairly confident in his work. Obviously still a good deal taller than the Xbox Series X, but not quite as wide. 

Yes, it's likely even bigger than the PS3

(Image credit: GREBO7 (via Reddit))

This one comes by way of Reddit user GREBO7, who's made a few tweaks to the sizes of the other consoles in the picture to get as accurate a representation as possible. According to the image, the PS5 towers over even the notoriously large PS3, pretty much falling in line with other size comparisons.

"Looks to be massive!"

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Here's another one where the PS5 is a bit bigger than other comparisons. There's some reason to be sceptical of this one, only because the DualSense controller dwarfs the Xbox Series X controller. It's possible the DualSense really is that big, or we could be looking at a slightly inflated PS5. 

Regardless, it seems the universal consensus on the PS5's size is that it's quite the tall drink of water. Time to clear out some space in your console cluster, or maybe bring out a wagon.

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