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PS5 reveal is "less than four weeks away" says God of War creator

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David Jaffe, the former developer best known for his work on God of War and Twisted Metal, has stated that the much rumoured PlayStation Meeting (opens in new tab) said to reveal the PS5 (opens in new tab) is "less than four weeks away", seemingly corroborating information previously leaked last year. 

Making the claim on Twitter, Jaffe stopped short of clarifying whether he was merely speculating based on previous rumours, or knows something about Sony's plans that the public doesn't, though went on to say that PlayStation's impending announcement "is the worst kept secret in games right now."

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Jaffe has remained outside of the industry since his independent studio, The Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency, shut down in 2018, but remains very much an active voice online via regular streams on his YouTube channel. It's entirely possible that he remains close to several members still working at PlayStation, then, but his latest statements should, of course, be taken with hefty amounts of salt. 

That said, Sony recently confirmed that PlayStation would be skipping E3 (opens in new tab) once again this year, suggesting that an exclusive PS5 meeting is indeed imminent, as Jaffe is suggesting. 

Indeed, an Experience PlayStation event (opens in new tab) is happening in New York right now, with a mid-February end date that some are speculating could mark the exact point at which Sony will finally unveil its next-gen console in full, which is prepped to compete directly with the Xbox Series X (opens in new tab) when both systems release later this year. 

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