Sony plans "Experience PlayStation" event as rumors of PS5 reveal pick up

(Image credit: Sony)

A strangely worded, suspiciously timed event is coming to New York's Sony Square showroom. The "Experience PlayStation" event starts tomorrow, January 14, and will run through February 16. Judging from the listing on Sony's website, it will be open from 12pm to 7pm EST each day, allowing New Yorkers to visit and "celebrate 25 Years of Play with a collection of titles on PS4 and PSVR." 

This suggests that Experience PlayStation is just a month-long follow-up to December's 25 Years of Play event - one that will let New York locals get in on the fun through live game demos (not to be confused with the Experience PlayStation mobile app). For what it's worth, Sony does regularly use its NYC showroom to host demos like this. In September 2019, for instance, the space was filled with NHL 20 demos for a weekend. 

That being said, the timing and location are curious. A previous rumor suggested that a new PlayStation Meeting would be held in February 2020, its main purpose being to properly reveal the PS5. The last time Sony revealed a console, the PS4 Pro, it did so at an event in New York. As Variety reported, the theater that housed that event has since closed, so it's possible Sony will use its New York showroom to unveil the PS5 instead. However, whether this Experience PlayStation event will contain PS5 news, or perhaps lead into some, remains to be seen. 

One thing's for sure: between rumors of PS5 launch games and reports of another E3 without PlayStation, it's clear Sony is building to some big events in the coming year.  

Austin Wood

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