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PS5 restocks live at Target and Argos

ps5 stock
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Get a move on people, we've just spotted the PS5 Digital Edition live at Target right now in the USA. The regular PS5 might not be far behind, so we've added a link below for you to keep checking if you'd prefer that model. 

We don't see them lasting long at all, but when one store goes live with a PS5 restock on a Friday, we usually see another go for it too not long after. So check Target first, but then we'd advise you to keep a few tabs open on Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, and  GameStop.

And if you're in the UK, we're delighted to tell you that Argos still has some units available (postcode dependant stock, but very much worth a look near you). This stock originally went live in the middle of the night (as Argos regularly does), but there was some sort of issue on the site which prevented people from adding the PS5 to their baskets. That seems to have been resolved now, so dive in while you can. Otherwise, your next best option is this very expensive mega bundle from The Game Collection at £796 for the PS5 with multiple games and accessories.

Game had stock yesterday but seems to be sold out again now. Still, there's no harm in checking today too. We did see, go live earlier this week.

Over in the US yesterday, Newegg went live with a new round Newegg shuffle which opens up the chance for you to buy a PS5. The latter is a long shot, but a great chance to beat the bots.

Appearances from other stores are by no way guaranteed (we all know the deal by now, right?), but the supply is certainly increasing after a bit of a wobble over the last month or so.

PS5 stock check at Amazon 

We've picked out some other retailers you should check in on as often as possible in the UK and USA. Our PS5 stock guide is updated on a regular basis too if you'd like to see what patterns to look out for, not to mention a deeper dive on what stores are most likely to come up with the PS5 restock goods.

Check these stores for today's PS5 restock

Once your PS5 is on its merry way, be sure to check out our guides on the best PS5 headsets and best TV for PS5 if you want the top audio-visual experience to go alongside your new pride and joy. And if you find yourself running out of storage capacity further down the line, then our PS5 SSD or best PS5 external hard drives guides will be of use.

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