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PS5 has over 25 first-party games in the works and nearly half are new IP

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PlayStation Studios has revealed that 25 first-party PS5 games are currently in development, and almost half of them are brand new IPs.

That eyebrow-raising statement comes from a new Wired (opens in new tab) interview with PlayStation Studios boss Hermen Hulst, a Guerrilla co-founder who was named head of PlayStation Studios in 2019 - he's the one who seemed to use his PS5 upside down in an infamous video from December.

With a long list of upcoming PS5 games already confirmed and out in the open, and now this news that more than two dozen first-party games are on the way, it's an exciting time to be a PlayStation fan. We already know about games like God of War 2, Horizon Forbidden West, Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, and Gran Turismo 7, but this latest info from Hulst means we literally don't know the half (or eighth, even) of it.

In fact, the only in-house PS5 games we know to be in development are the ones listed above, none of which are new IPs. So unless Hulst misspoke, which is highly doubtful, PlayStation is likely sitting on at least 10 brand new, first-party IPs we've never heard about. Of course, all of these games could be years away from release, but that just gives everyone some time to wait for PS5 stock to replenish and snag themselves the new console. By then, Sony might have a new internal design in place to keep up with demand.

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Jordan Gerblick
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