PS5 controller haptic feedback makes Observer: System Redux an even freakier experience

Observer is getting a next-gen upgrade for the PS5, and the DualSense controller is leading the charge. Bloober Team dissected the new additions in Observer: System Redux in a post on the official PlayStation blog, detailing all the new features that players can look forward to on the next-gen edition of the game, and how the DualSense controller will play a big role. 

Observer: System Redux tells a cyberpunk horror story of a mind-hacking detective searching for his missing son. You'll use these unique mind-hacking abilities to learn about the dystopian setting you've dropped into.

The graphics will be getting a serious upgrade on the new hardware, with 4K resolution, new models and animations, effects, and textures that are pushed even further with ray tracing and HDR lighting. Observer: System Redux will also have three new missions that were made specifically for this iteration of the game. On top of that, several new features target the PS5 controller itself.

The DualSense controller was noted by the team to be very important in making the experience complete, along with audio and visual cues that play with the player's psyche for maximum horror. The DualSense's haptic feedback in particular will be used to provide real-world sensations to mirror their in-game experience. If you try to open a locked door, for example, you'll feel resistance in the controller.

Bloober Team saw the controller as "an additional way to tell the story," and it shows in the feedback players can expect. The controller will be used to create tension through tools like vibrations and feedback. Players can check out more of the DualSense features in the video above.

In the blog post, the studio mentions that to it, immersion is king. This means that it's using the PS5's top-of-the-line hardware to its full advantage to give players a scare that they can count on. Observer: System Redux is available now on PS5.

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