PS5 backwards compatibility will let you play "supported PS4 games with system update"

(Image credit: Sony)

The PS5 could support backwards compatibility for its library of PS4 games in the form of new updates following the launch of the console itself, according to a now deleted update on PlayStation Iceland's website

As spotted via Reddit, the recently updated official PS5 page  in Iceland originally stated that the upcoming next generation console will allow users to "Play a back catalog of supported PS4™ games with system update."

The sentence has now been deleted, but suggests that or Sony will be following Microsoft's approach to playing legacy titles on its new console, and continually expand the number of supported back-compat games with new updates every few weeks. 

Alternatively, this could have just been a digital faux pas on PlayStation Iceland's part, and isn't a reliable indication of Sony's actual plans for its successor to the PS4. The company has already stated that over 4000 games will be supported by PS5 backwards compatibility, and with most of the top 100 confirmed to be playable at launch. 

Relatedly, industry whispers are suggesting that PlayStation plans to host a digital PS5 event as early as next week, on June 3, in which more could be revealed about the PS5 price, PS5 specs, and slate of upcoming PS5 games. Be sure to stick to GamesRadar to find out more as soon as any news arrives. 

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