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A PS4 price drop is happening, but just in Japan - for now

PlayStation 4 is getting a reduced price in Japan, which could indicate prices for the new-gen console are soon to fall elsewhere. Sony announced at its Tokyo Game Show conference (opens in new tab) that it would start selling the system for ¥34,980 (about $290 / £190) as of October 1.

The system currently sells for ¥39,980 (about $330 / £217) in Japan, same as when it launched in Sony's home territory in February 2014. The reduced price won't necessarily be reflected worldwide, though it is the first instance of Sony diverging from PS4's launch pricing.

While Xbox One started out appreciably more expensive than PS4, its standard price point ($350/£300) has since fallen below PS4 - thanks in large part to dropping Kinect as a standard accessory (opens in new tab). Xbox One reliably outsold PS4 (opens in new tab) throughout the holidays in North America last year, so Sony may try to match Xbox One's price point in time for holiday shoppers around the world this time.

We'll just have to wait and see. But until we know one way or the other, you may want to think twice about buying that hot new PS4 bundle (opens in new tab).

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