PS4 gets Spotify in spring with PlayStation Music

Bad news for people who like Music Unlimited, good news for everyone else: Sony is partnering up with Spotify for a new music streaming program called PlayStation Music, set to take the place of Music Unlimited in spring.

The new program will make more than 30 million songs and 1.4 billion playlists from across Spotify playable on PS3, PS4, and Xperia mobile devices. Much like Music Unlimited, you'll be able to play songs from the dashboard or within the games themselves on PS4 - you'll just enjoy Spotify's selection (and hopefully its stability) while you do so.

Does this mean you'll be able to listen in free like a standard Spotify user? That doesn't seem to be the case so far, but Sony says it will reveal more about the service in the weeks ahead. Current Music Unlimited subscribers will be offered a Spotify Premium trial for their trouble, or you can link Spotify with your PSN account and sign up for one through there. Music Unlimited itself will shut down on March 29.

Up until now, Xbox Music was the clear leader in console-friendly music streaming, with both selection and usability miles ahead of Music Unlimited. Sony jumping on board Spotify's music streaming dominance could upend that overnight - we'll just have to wait until spring to find out.

Connor Sheridan

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