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Official Good Person mods a PS4 controller for a Division player with cerebral palsy

Peter Byrne has cerebral palsy, and the way he grips the DualShock 4 controller with his left hand means that he often bumps the touchpad; as you might expect, repeatedly bringing up the map during an intense gunfight in The Division is troublesome. Fortunately for Byrne, PlayStation customer support put him in touch with one Sony employee who didn't stop at a sincere apology.

Alex Nawabi, a member of PlayStation's Retail Marketing Operations team, told Byrne that he would take the matter 'personally'. A few weeks later, a package arrived at Byrne's home in South Amboy, New Jersey: inside was a modified DualShock 4 with the touchpad disabled and a new button added to the back, and a letter.

I figure I share this story with everyone because it is too good not to share! When I use the PlayStation 4 controller...

Posted by Peter Byrne on Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Nawabi said in the letter that the custom controller took about 10 hours to build, and he tore apart three controllers to get everything he needed. Nawabi even told Byrne that he planned to make a second, improved model once Byrne tried the first version out.

"I honestly got choked up reading the letter as I did not expect anything like this to happen," Byrne wrote in his public Facebook post. "Mr. Nawabi really cared about my situation and did this on his own time to make my experience better. I honestly can't thank him enough for everything he did for me."

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