PS3 update allows Hulu Plus registration within app

Now that Hulu Plus has been available to everyone for a while - no invitation required - the video service has updated its app on the PS3, adding, among other things, the ability to sign up for a new account directly from within the game console.

The next time you launch Hulu Plus on your PS3, you'll be prompted to download the update, bringing the app to version 1.01. In-app registration is the biggest functional update, but there are some minor, technical enhancements as well.

Hulu senior development lead Daniel Bear noted in a Hulu Blog post, "The update improves the quality of the playback experience, specifically addressing issues such as skips, jumps, and stalls that may occur on certain network connections."

In addition, the following improvements are also part of the new update:

– Improved playback reporting to help our team improve the playback experience.
– UI tweaks to compensate for device overscan.
– Additional improvements and bug fixes.

It is not an enormous update, but it proves the Hulu team is continuously working to make the PS3 Hulu Plus experience as optimal as possible.

[Source: Hulu Blog]

Mar 25, 2011