PS3 Trophies coming in June?

New rumours about PlayStation 3 Achievements are flying around, with one site speculating that a trophy system will launch as early as next month.

According tothis PSU report, 2D trophies located on the PS3's XMB may launch this June with firmware version 2.4 (which should also introduce in-game XMB access). These trophies are reportedly differentfrom the 3D ones set to feature in Home later this year.

Another report over onKotakusubstantiates the claim somewhat. It points to a Sonyfact sheetabout upcoming PSN title PixelJunk Eden, which shows that one of the game's "key features" will be "Trophy Support," although it's unclear exactly what this is.

We know PS3 Achievements are coming in various guises, although we're not sure exactly what form they'll take. Last year PlayStation Network director of operations Eric Lempel told Next Generation that, "in addition to Home," Sony had "some very exciting programs planned to recognize our consumers gaming skills and loyalty in new ways that go well beyond a single score."

Trophies sound perfectly reasonable - and overdue - to us.

Courtesy of Next Generation.

May 19, 2008