PS3 launch guide

It's here. Can you believe it? We've all been waiting so very, very long. But it's time. The next generation of gaming is complete. Microsoft led the charge a year ago. Nintendo is right around the corner. And Sony, the leader of the last two console generations, has arrived.

Still mystified about the PS3 itself? We have extensive hardware impressions that should set you straight - just clickhereand we'll spell out every fact you need to know about the hardware.

Before we dive into all the delicious coverage of the launch games, we have two videos you'll definitely want to take a look at. First up, we have a trailer that encompasses the launch lineup: all the games you can stand, all in one place. Check it out by clickinghere (opens in new tab). We also have a look at the PS3's prospects in Japan. Last time we were there, we took a break from drinking with our favorite game designers just long enough to ask the gamers what system they want the most. No shock: PS3 did just fine. Check outthe video (opens in new tab) for the full details.

But what do you care about most? Oh yeah, it's...

The games

Resistance: Fall of Man
Review|screens|video|cheats (opens in new tab)

Ridge Racer 7

Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom

Tony Hawk's Project 8
Review|screens|video|cheats (opens in new tab)

Mobile Suit Gundam: Crossfire
Review |screens|video

Call of Duty 3

Need for Speed: Carbon
Review (opens in new tab)|screens (opens in new tab)|video (opens in new tab)

Genji: Days of the Blade

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance
Review|screens|video|cheats (opens in new tab)

Madden NFL 07
Review|screens|cheats (opens in new tab)

NBA 07
Review (opens in new tab)|screens|video

Review (opens in new tab)|screens|video|cheats (opens in new tab)