PS3 GTA IV suffering freezing errors

A small number of PlayStation owners have reported problems with running Grand Theft Auto IV on their consoles, claiming the game keeps freezing.

"I got home from the midnight release with my copy of GTA IV Collectors Edition unpacked it live on the feed installed and guess what, it froze!" said Matt Griffin on his blogPlayStation Network Home. "I tried a couple more times and it even have reinstalled 3 times, it still keeps freezing."

Similar problems are being reported on gaming sites, including the officialUS PlayStationforums. The issues first appeared to be specific to 60GB launch units, but reports have since included 20GB launch and 60GB non-launch consoles.

A handful of Xbox 360 consoles have also allegedly locked up, but the problem doesn't seem as widespread as the PlayStation version.

Which, to be perfectly clear, appears to be negligible relative to how many copies have been sold on opening day.

Courtesy of CVG.

Apr 29, 2008