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PS3 FW 2.01 coming to fix 2.0 woes

Nov 19, 2007

The anticipated PS3 2.0 firmware landed with issues that narked a lot of people, but in quick response Sony will be updating the PS3 firmware within the next few days to fix stability issues.

Firmware 2.0 was supposed to make enhancements to PS3 functionality, but since its arrival, many users have complained of experiencing slowed system performance, crashing and, in some cases, complete system failure.

Sony has confirmed that FW 2.01 will be with us within a few days. "Firmware v2.01 is a minor update that will improve the stability of PLAYSTATION 3," said the company, rather briefly, adding, "We'll provide more specifics as the update is about to go live."

It is also suspected that the update could fix issues that have led to the recently-released Assassin's Creed encountering problems on the system.

Courtesy of CVG