PS3 bundle bungle

Wednesday 30 August 2006
Catalogue superstore Freemans has begun listing PS3 bundles for the console's rapidly-nearing 17 November launch - clocking in at a heftier price than Sony UK's previous estimate of around £425.

Freemans' bundles start at £549 for a PS3 console and Sonic the Hedgehog, then jump up to £609 for a console with Sony-published title MotorStorm - a leap of £60 over Sonic. We contacted the store to ask after the first-party title clocking in at twice the price of Sonic, and were told it was due to MotorStorm being a brand-new PS3 exclusive title, as opposed to the multiplatform Sega game. And yet all Freemans' stand-alone PS3 titles - including MotorStorm - are listed at £60.

Freemans' final bundle clocks in at £669 for a PS3 with both Resistance: Fall of Man (which we assume is again responsible for the £120 title cost) and the multiplatform Rainbow Six Vegas.

On a more positive note, Freemans' policy is to offer a 10% discount on first orders, which would clip around £50 off a PS3 order - but until the confusion over first-party pricing is cleared up, we'd recommend buying the titles separately.