PS Vita 2000 is comfortable and slick, but the LCD screen is noticeably less impressive

A period of regret usually follows any announcement of new handheld hardware. They'll have bigger screens, or ergonomic improvements, or other changes that make your old product feel like a worthless doorstop in the presence of the new, shiny, fantastically amazing new tech. Such is not the case with the recently revealed PS Vita 2000. Sure, the new version of the PS Vita it cheaper, but after going hands-on with it at Tokyo Game Show 2013 we can say with confidence that this low-price Vita definitely feels like… a low-price Vita. Which, you know, we should have seen coming, in retrospect.

Don't get us wrong, it's not bad or anything--it's lighter, thinner, and has a more attractive form factor. It comes in 24,000 different colors (slight exaggeration) and is said to include a better battery, fixing one of the Vita's longest-standing issues. Problem is, the lower price comes at the expense of a slightly lower-quality screen. Whereas the Vita sports a 5" OLED screen (see: the most bangin'-ass screen to ever be affixed to a handheld), the 2000 has a regular old LCD screen.

And, yes, the difference is noticeable. Sure, it'll look about as good as the DS screen, or your iPhone screen, or the screen you're reading this one, but the Vita's OLED screen is one of the best things about the hardware. It's so bring and clear, and losing that for a small price cut just isn't worth it, especially if you already own a regular Vita. The system is due out on October 10 in Japan, with no US/UK release date in sight.

Hollander Cooper

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