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Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box Cheats

The Professor is back with more brain busters. This entry has the same shell as the first, but with a superior story and even better presented puzzles.

Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box Cheats

  • DS | Submitted by POALY1998

    Proffesor Layton Icon

    Complete the game to get a gold Professor Layton icon, complete the 150 puzzles to get a golden Flora wearing the Professors hat, and complete all the puzzles in storymode to get a golden Luke icon.

Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box Unlockables

  • DS | Submitted by mgrimm

    Golden Icons

    To earn a Golden Icon next to your save file, complete the following.

    Golden Flora wearing the Proffesor's Hat: Complete all 150 puzzles

    Golden Layton: Complete the Game

    Golden Luke: Complete all puzzles in the story mode

  • DS | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Layton's Challenges

    The Animal Lover's House (Puzzles 145,146,147) - Get the hamster to lose weight.
    The Musicians House (Puzzles 139,140,141) - Fix the camera, then take pictures wherever one of the nine camera icon appears, and find three differences in each photo.
    The Sweetheart's House (Puzzles 148, 149, 150) - Beat the game.
    The Tea Master's house (Puzzles 142,143,144) - Get all of the ingredients for tea, and find the different brews. When you see a character with sweat drops, give them the type of tea they ask for.

  • DS | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Unlock Character Profiles List

    Beat the game.

  • DS | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Unlock Art Gallery

    Beat the game.

Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box Hints

  • DS | Submitted by abi

    Puzzle 004- A Secure Room

    This puzzle looks pretty hard, but it actually isn't. You've got to find how the robber escaped from the 8th floor of the apartment without jumping from any heights or using the door. The answer is (circle answer) a small scrap of paper in the top left corner of the closed window.

  • DS | Submitted by mushroomproductions

    Puzzle 002- The Doctor's home

    In this puzzle you're asked to work out which window is the window of the doctor's flat. The info given is: in the morning I often wake up to the sound of music drifting from a nearby flat. Looking out, I see a flag fluttering gently outside my room, take a sip of tea and turn my attention to the morning sun. Not many flats in London have a view of the sunrise, you know.
    The answer is the second window down (the middle one) on the far left side, with a slightly weird looking flag hanging above the window and the sun shining on the window.

  • DS | Submitted by abi

    Puzzle 009- Stacked Glasses

    The answer to this puzzle is D, as the second row of glasses wouldn't be able to go inside two other glasses as the rim wouldn't fit.

  • DS | Submitted by abi

    Puzzle 006- Pile of Pancakes

    First move the smallest pancake to the plate on the far right (the red one). Next move the middle pancake to the middle plate. next move the smallest pancake on top of the middle one. Now move the biggest pancake to the red plate. Next move the smallest one to the plate you started with, and move the middle pancake on top of the large pancake, and then the smallest one on top of them both.