Pro-nudity The Sims 4 competitor Life by You delayed to 2024

Life by You
(Image credit: Paradox Interactive)

Life by You, an upcoming life sim which we once hailed as the pro-nudity competitor to The Sims 4, has had its early access launch delayed until March 5, 2024 - six months later than its original release date.

"On behalf of the team here at Paradox Tectonic, I want to express our gratitude for all of your comments and feedback over the past few months. It's really meant the world for us," said studio general manager Rod Humble in a video update. "We love making this game. We love this community, and we're very, very grateful that we are in the position to take extra time to polish and provide a smoother experience for you."

Humble explained that, in the four months since the game was announced, the developers have received feedback from both regular folks watching trailers and whatnot, as well as modding partners with access to early builds. Paradox is moving the release date out a few months to implement changes based on this feedback.

Among those changes are visual improvements, including enhancements to animations, character models, and assets, as well as new gameplay features, a UI style overhaul, bug fixes, and new mod tools. There will also be Italian and Portuguese language options in addition to French, German, English, and Spanish. 

As a 'thank you' to people who pre-ordered the game, Paradox is giving away a "Night Club Vibe Pack," which is a bundle that comes with a bunch of furniture that, you guessed it, belongs in a night club.

Paradox is releasing a blog with further details on the delay and the new content sometime this week.

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