Prince of Persia for Wii

Friday 4 August 2007
Yesterday we announced that Ubisoft was in the process of developing a total of seven games for Nintendo's Wii. Well, it seems we can add another one to that list in the shape of Prince of Persia.

However, there seems to be some confusion over its inclusion, even within Ubisoft itself. After yesterday's story, an entirely different press release was posted on Ubisoft's French website, which included a Prince of Persia Wii game for 2007.

This surprised the American branch of the company, who issued the following statement: "We saw this too and Prince of Persia is not confirmed as either a Wii launch title or a title coming out in North America in March 2007 at this time."

The French schedule spilled yet more beans, also confirming the names of the seven games Ubisoft is preparing for the Wii launch, which are as follows:

Red Steel - Yakuza blasting first-person shooter
Rayman Raving Rabbids - The armless man has rabbit trouble
Far Cry - The first-person shooter that has appeared on both Xboxes and the PC
Blazing Angels - WWII fighter planes squadron shooter from earlier this year
GT Pro Series - Exclusive racer taking "full advantage" of the Wii-mote with 80 licensed cars
Open Season - Based on Sony's "anticipated" CG animated movie starring a bear and a deer
Monster 4x4 World Circuit - Stunt heavy trucking

So, confusion all round. Would the new Prince of Persia game be a conversion of an existing title, or a new, Wii-exclusive adventure? Why not let us know what you think in the GamesRadar forum?