Prey trailer shows off new powers both alien and human - see, it's not ALL about Mimic

Mimic is the one ability in Prey that everyone has fixated on, and for good reason - there are so few games in this world that let you turn into a coffee mug or banana. But there's a lot more you can do with the genetic and neural modifications that Arkane's sci-fi world has to offer. You can create firebombs, teleport yourself a short distance, or just become really good at repairing and hacking. I'll let the devs break it down:

As you can see, there are far more options available to you than just shapeshifting into random environment objects. Try broadening your horizons a bit and maybe…

Become a "turret lord"

Repair the many auto-turrets you find scattered throughout Talos-1 and use them to do your dirty work for you. After all, why waste your own bullets?

Upgrade your reflexes to superhuman levels

By activating the combat focus ability, you'll move faster than your enemies and be able to dodge incoming attacks much easier. Truly, you are more human than human.

 Set enemies aflame with psychic fire 

Purposefully starting fires on a space station sounds like the worst of ideas to me, but then, this is a research facility where people decided that modifying themselves to be part alien was a good idea. So I suppose it's all relative.

Confuse foes with a doppelganger

Use Phantom Shift to teleport a short distance and leave behind a fake version of yourself from where you activated the ability. Useful not just for avoiding alien attacks, but getting out of that board meeting you're required to attend.

Just throw stuff at them


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