Prey 2 CGI trailer gets play-by-play developer commentary

Bethesda has re-released its spiffy Prey 2 cgi trailer with added developer commentary, answering the age old question of how cool it would be to have director Chris Rhinehart talk all over Johnny Cash's hypnotic vocals. The result is 'not very', but at least this version gives us more info on how Human Head Studios'sbounty hunter sequel will play out.

This is part two of Bethesda's three-part Prey 2 trailer commentary series. The first edition,available here, features Rhinehart describing the studio's strategy for the debut live-action airplane trailer. The third partis said to be arriving soon on thePrey 2 Facebook page.

Prey 2 plays fast and loose with the franchise's namesake, taking the series from its anti-gravity Cherokee roots, and turning it into a Blade Runner-esque open world adventure. The only connection between the two appears to be the universe in which both are set (as well as an alleged appearance by Tommy from the first game), but you'll have to wait until March 2012 to connect all the dots. Until then,we cordially invite you tostart with our previewshereandhere.

Aug 3, 2011

Source:Bethesda Blog

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