Prepare for the scares with this exclusive new image from Netflix's next big sci-fi show, Lost in Space

You're about to hear a lot more about Lost in Space. It's Netflix's big new sci-fi show, adapted from the 1960s series of the same name, and every episode is releasing on April 13, just in time to cheer you up during the post-Easter blues. 

Lost in Space revolves around the Robinson family, a quartet of space colonists who find themselves in deep, potentially deadly waters after their ship crash-lands onto a mysterious alien planet rife with discovery and danger. 

Netflix's take on the show intends to be much darker than the 20th century version it's inspired by, leaning more into the scarier shades of science fiction, with several episodes directed by Neil Marshall, of Dog Soldiers and Game of Thrones fame.

In fact, you can tell things won't be all sunshine and roses for the Robinsons just by glancing at the exclusive image below, showing the family's three children - Judy, Penny, and Will - looking particularly shocked by something off-screen. 

What's caught their attention? You'll have to watch the show to find out, but something tells me it cant be anything good. 

Lost in Space will be just ten episodes long, but promises to offer a stimulating and satisfying story layered with dazzling special effects and ambitious creative direction. There's a good chance it could even be Netflix's biggest show since Stranger Things, but we'll have to withhold full judgement on that prospect until the full series launches worldwide on April 13.

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