Pre-ordered Mass Effect 3 or other EA titles from GAME? Here's where you can get your copy

If you're a gamer in the UK, you've likely heard the news that GAME and GameStation will not be stocking future titles from Electronic Arts. The troubled retailer is therefore unable to honour any pre-orders for its upcoming games (such as Mass Effect 3). But fear not! EA itself is on hand and is striving to ensure everyone who pre-ordered a copy, even through GAME, will be catered for on launch day.

EA has given us the following list of links, through which you should be able to re-order and subsequently get hold of your chosen game.

Mass Effect 3

FIFA Street

The Sims 3: Showtime

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13

While EA is doing everything it can to honour these GAME-exclusive pre-orders, it's probably worth getting yours sorted out sooner rather than later as some retailers appear to have already sold out of their allocated supply. Sad times all round, but kudos to EA for making sure we don't miss out.

Justin Towell

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