Pre-E3 06: One Piece: Grand Adventure

Pretty soon, you'll be able to play the entire Cartoon Network lineup of new-to-America anime. Granted, many of these games aren't too hot (Inuyasha, for one), but the last One Piece game surprised us all by being a mindless-but-fun pirate mash-'em-up.

It looks like the whacked-out cast is back in the one-on-one fightin' mood: Grand Adventure offers up 24 playable characters, each complete with their own nutso moves and one-of-a-kind personalities, plus 50 support fighters that drop in for a quick hand. Some restore your health, while others run around the Power Stone-y arena beating up on your opponent. Oh, and then there are a few that you literally ride, such as a flying boat. That's... normal. Then again, this is a fighter where one kid stretches like Mr. Fantastic and another occasionally has multiple arms.