Pre-E3 06: One Piece: Grand Adventure

As you may be able to gather from the name, Grand Adventure has an all-new quest mode. You hop on board a ship, traverse the salty seas and play minigames to recruit a band of thieving pirates. Certain characters are good at some games, yet others simply won't join your group if you stink it up on the battlefield.

What types of minigames, you ask? Naturally, a few will be standard fisticuffs, but there'll be sports, mob battles and shooting galleries to contend with as well. The better you do, the more likely you are to nab new playable and support characters - not to mention gain a bit of notoriety as a badass pirate king.

These anime games have a built-in audience, for sure, but Grand Adventure builds upon a competent formula and could give button-mashy gamers a reason to keep their eyes peeled when the title sets sail this fall.