Potato-quality Redfall gameplay surfaces online from apparent beta build

(Image credit: Xbox Game Studios)

Redfall gameplay has seemingly leaked online from a beta tester.

Just below, you can see the latest episode in a podcast series from YouTuber GameTropics, posted yesterday on March 7. At roughly seven minutes and 10 seconds into the episode, the podcast hosts begin discussing Redfall, Arkane's forthcoming PvP shooter, and also displays a few brief seconds of slow-motion gameplay.

Firstly, the short gameplay clip shows a loadout screen for one of the human characters in Redfall. He's kitted out with a main weapon, a sidearm, armor, a medkit, and something called a Memento, which appears to bear a resemblance to a ring in the game's menus.

Next, the gameplay cuts to a few seconds of the human player character gunning down an AI-controlled vampire character in what looks like a suburban map. After being shot with a few rounds, the vampire crumbles to a pile of ashes, and the player character can loot the ash pile for some medical supplies. The build is said to date from September, but it's said to be issues with the capture of the footage, rather than the game itself, that led to the truly abysmal frame rate in this short clip.

This isn't the first time details of Arkane's new shooter have made their way online ahead of schedule. Last year in September, several screenshots depicting characters, loadouts, weapons, and environments leaked online, showing viewers the kind of customization and maps they could expect in Redfall.

Currently, Redfall is still slated to launch at some point this coming Summer. When it does arrive though, it'll be exclusive to PC and Xbox consoles, and will also be launching through the Xbox Game Pass subscription service on day one.

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