Portal 2 accidentally confirmed

We all knew it was coming, but Valve design heroine Kim Swift has gone and announced that Portal 2 is indeed currently in development, although we've got a feeling she wasn't supposed to say that.

Speaking in a video interview with G4 TV, the Portal co-creator said: "I think Doug Lombardi, who's our marketing director at Valve, has announced Portal 2," although the last time we checked, he bloody well hadn't.

We think her job's safe as, y' know, she made the brilliant first game. But there's obviously a bit of miscommunication going on at Valve's GDC camp.

Great news for Orange Box fans, though. Or is it? Portal is a brilliant, pint-sized puzzle package that stands fantastically well on its own. Wouldn't a sequel just soil the already perfect portal-jumping experience? We'd love Valve to prove us wrong.

Courtesy of CVG.

Feb 22, 2008