POLL: Will you play the official Call of Duty mobile game coming from the creators of Candy Crush?

There's finally a Call of Duty mobile game being developed by… King, AKA the creators of Candy Crush Saga. As you might have guessed, King's new Call of Duty is being built from the ground up as a mobile game, though the developer says it "will strive to transform the best console experience fans know and love" for play on the go (or on your couch, or in the bathroom, et cetera).

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The partnership makes a lot more sense if you remember that Call of Duty publisher Activision officially bought King last year. King has put together a new team (apparently called Reload) to work on the project, and it still has multiple job openings listed: one listing for a level designer asks for previous experience with making "mobile and/or console 3D shooter games", so it's probably not just another military-skinned fortress building game. Another listing for a senior systems designer asks for applicants who are "familiar with psychological models concerning player engagement" so, erm, fun?

First-person shooters are pretty common on mobile devices. Spend a few minutes browsing Google Play or the App Store and you'll find dozens of titles that clearly try to evoke Call of Duty without using the actual license. None of them have ever reached the same level of popularity that games like Candy Crush or Supercell's Clash of Clans enjoy. We'll see if the official branding and potential for collaboration with the main Call of Duty studios can make the difference.

Speaking of Call of Duty showing up in unexpected places, here's how Activision can do a Call of Duty cinematic universe right.

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