Pokemusings, week two

Spiritomb is a serious pain in the ass to obtain. You'll need to find a somewhat rare item, drop it in a well, and talk to 32 people in the Underground minigame via local wireless. This ordeal makes Spiritomb highly sought after. Thankfully, anyone that has become Pokemon League Champion has seen a Spiritomb, since it's part of the game's final battle. Anyone that's beaten the main game can ask for it on GTS.

Getting a Spiritomb is absolutely money in the bank for GTS traders. Right now it's fairly easy to throw one up there and get a legendary Pokemon in return. It's able to breed too, so you can keep making more, which is the GTS equivalent of printing money. Our strategy has been trading Spiritomb for a Dialga or a Palkia. We then trade the obtained Pokemon for a legendary from the previous games. For the last month, it has been a surefire way to get rare Pokemon. Will it be the same a month from now? Probably not, but we want you to get in on the action while the getting is good!

This week, we'll be giving away a Spiritomb. If you win then you'll be well on your way to becoming a GTS Donald Trump. Just head to the forum's Pokemon sectionand look for a topic called "Pokemusings, Week Two: Spiritomb Giveaway" for all the details. Be sure to come back next week when we'll be talking about ways to balance your team's attacks and giving away another special Pokemon!

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