Pokemusings, week two

3) There are too Many BS Trades on GTS - This is arguably the most infuriating problem with GTS. Say you've been searching for aMunchlaxand finally see one that's available. It absolutely sucks when the person that posted the Munchlax is asking for anEmpoleon that's level 9 or less. It's impossible to have such an Empoleon because it can only evolve fromPrinplup at level 36! (Yes, we know that lamers with Action Replay can make one, but that doesn't count.) It's annoying that GTS allows people to ask for impossible Pokemon. It just wastes space on the system.

Slightly less annoying are the stupid requests that people make on GTS. We've seen loads of low-level Pokemon on GTS up for grabs, with the owner wanting a high-level legendary in return. This too wastes time and space on GTS. Only an idiot would give up a level 100 Deoxys for a level 3Bidoof.

4) Where's the Item Trading? - This is a huge omission in GTS. Say you've completed your Pokedex and have tons of extra legendaries, but are lacking items and berries - what can you do? You're pretty much left scouring message boards, begging someone for a rare Liechi Berry or a valuable Leftovers. Lots of people new to the game are having a hard time finding evolution items like the Deepseascale and Deepseatooth. Being able to specifically search for these items (or any particular item for that matter) would have been a tremendously useful feature for GTS to have.

Above: There's no chance we're trading this shiny Lugia, so don't even think about asking

Okay, don't get us wrong. We love GTS. We spend lots of time making GTS trades. It's a fantastic feature... it just could have been way better. Anyway, before we get to this week's giveaway, let's take a look at some of the GTS trades we've made in the last week.

- Spiritomb for Dialga
- Pichu for Pachirisu
- Blissey for Lugia
- Palkia for Jirachi
- Spiritomb for Palkia
- Spiritomb for Dialga

The Pachirisu trade is an excellent example of why we wish there were more details available on GTS. We had an extra Pichu to spare and were looking for another Pokemon with the Pickup ability that was level 50 or higher. Unfortunately, this Pachirisu had the far less useful Run Away ability. We also parted with our level 100 Blissey for a shiny level 70 Lugia! This was well worth it, despite how excellent our Blissey was. Shiny Pokemon are rare. Shiny legendary Pokemon are rarer. Shiny legendary Pokemon that are pink totally rule.

Last, but not least you'll notice that we've gotten some excellent Pokemon forSpiritomb. This is one of the best Pokemon to have for trading purposes and it should be able to help you snag several legendaries. Want to know why? Huh, huh, huh? We'll tell you why.