Pokemusings, week 25

AdminDS: How does cloning work on GTS?

Answer: We know, but we're not going to tell you. We think cloning, hacking, and Gameshark use are totally lame. We're fairly certain they're responsible for corrupting the youth of America (and select European countries). Earn your Pokemon! Don't take shortcuts! It's much more rewarding this way. We're not going to give you any Pokemon... or perhaps we'll use the Emerald cloning glitch to whip you up a Rattata.

pokemonfreek31494: Why does breeding for IVs have to be so annoying?!? And also why do they make some eggs moves extremely irritating to get?!?

Answer: For the answer to these questions I defer to the immortal Jimmy Dugan from A League of Their Own. "It's supposed to be hard. If it wasn't hard everyone would do it. The hard is what makes it great." IV breeding and egg-move breeding are two highly advanced facets of Pokemon. They're supposed to be difficult and time consuming because they offer great rewards. If they were easy then everyone would have stacked Pokemon with awesome moves.

Above: Training the ultimate Pokemon takes time and effort - a true trainer doesn't cut corners by cheating

pokemonmaster99$: Who does Ash fall in love with?

Answer: This is an excellent question. Young Mr. Ketchum has done a good job at surrounding himself with some of the cutest Pokemon trainers/coordinators around (Misty, May, and Dawn). The fact that he hasn't hooked up with any of them should clue you into his sexual preference. We're pretty sure Ash had a crush on Brock at one point, but Brock's too much of a horn dog for the ladies to have noticed. Our best guess is that Ash ends up with Tracey Sketchit. After their marriage, Tracey will end up with the rather unfortunate name Tracey Sketchit-Ketchum.

GaZZum: What's the deal with that moveHidden Power?

Answer: This is also an excellent question. Hidden Power is a move that's based on a Pokemon's IVs. The type and base power of this move is determined by IVs. The only way to know what the move will be is to use an IV calculator. This can be extremely useful for balancing out a Pokemon's moveset, but it requires patient breeding and a bit of luck.