Pokemusings, week 25

Dec 7, 2007

For this week's Pokemusings, we're answering some of your questions! A bunch of peeps in our Pokemon general discussion forums had some queries for us and we consulted our Pokemon think tank to fish up the answers. From Pokemon breeding to Ash Ketchum's sexuality to Pokemon poop, we have our faithful Pokemusings readers covered. Now onto the first question!

Vesuvis029: Is there a way to breed Pokemon and get the nature you want?

Answer: Yes, but it's not an exact method. Everstones come in quite handy for breeding. Attach one to a Ditto and/or a female Pokemon (both should have your desired nature). Your chances of getting the right nature are much higher. We like this question. We're going to give you a Pokemon (to be determined later) and an Everstone. Next!!!

Above: Give Ditto an Everstone for a better chance of its offspring having the same nature

Sabata: Why does Probopass have a mustache?

Answer: It's an unfortunate fashion statement.

Shak460: Well, I wanted to know how to completely beat a Pokemon game?

Answer: Well, aren't you the ambitious one. Ultimate victory was a goal pursued by such historical figures as Julius Caesar, Genghis Khan, and Dave Thomas (founder of Wendy's). While these great men have come close, it was not meant to be... simply because it's impossible. You cannot "completely beat a Pokemon game" any more than you can completely beat life. Similar to life, it's about the journey and not the destination.

gamegirlcolor: Do Pokemon ever poop?

Answer: Well, food goes in - something has to come out.